The Journey Out Of The Wilderness

"Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?"

The Wilderness Experience



  The  Secret Place

The wilderness experience is a time when you are hungry and thirsty for more of the Lord, you become dissatisfied with what the traditions and doctrines of men offer in the church, and you set out on a journey to seek the Lord and receive more of Him. You seek the solitude of Him alone.

If your church and Pastor is hungry for more of the Lord, and He is actively seeking Him and being taught of Him, and preaching as the spirit gives utterance then you are in a good church, but there still should be a time of seeking Him alone.

We are in the last days, and we must have great discernment because there is so much false teaching coming out of the churches today that are taking the church into the one world religion, and away from the cross, away from the repentance of sins and right into the arms of the antichrist. With some it is dead works, traditions of men, teaching the doctrines of men, and the word is given by head knowledge rather then by the Holy Spirit within.

This time of Seeking God, will truly make you a disciple rather then just a church goer, you want to be able to hear from the Lord, be taught of the sprit, and to learn  to obey Him.


The wilderness is truly a time of preparation, where your lamp is filled, and you are able to trust Him completely.

People are crying out for revival but they do not want to pay the price to consecrate themselves to God.

This is what the wilderness is all about. it is just as Jesus did in the wilderness, and John the Baptist, both being prepared for ministry.  you will come out stronger and be ready and on fire to take the gospel to the nations or to your own neighborhood.

It is a time much like the children of Israel who left Egypt, a type of the world and set out on a journey with Moses to the promise land, but it turns into a time of thirst and dryness, and time of hunger for the things of the world that are left behind.
And so it will be with  those who go through the wilderness experience, you had much joy and blessing when you first came to the Lord and now it is a dry barren wilderness, often accompanied with  the feeling you are all alone and not a soul understands.

Your flesh will want to scream in this experience in the wilderness, but we must press on to spiritual maturity.
Often there is financial stress, you might be struggling to get through each day financially, with no end in sight, you may experience sickness in your body, lonliness, temptations as well as many other things and everything seems discouraging to you.

But this is not a time to complain. Complaining only makes it worse as the children of Israel learned.
What the Lord is seeking is from you to depend completely on Him.

 He may allow many trials and pressures to come, your peace will be assailed with  emotions you do not even understand.
Resist every thought and take them captive give the Lord your emotions, it is only a test.

God has promised that you will never be tempted beyond your ability to endure, with with each temptation He will also make a way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.

The comforts of the world will not be there and you must absolutely trust the Lord for everything, materially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Sometimes the trials seem so great that you wonder how you can bear it, but the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you just as He did with the children of Israel.

Complaining in the Wilderness

Another thing the Israelites kept saying which angered God was, "Did God bring us out here into the wilderness to kill us?" In one sense God did want to kill them - he wanted to kill their old identity as slaves in Egypt. It was easier for God to get the people out of Egypt than it was for Him to get 'Egypt' out of the people. During the whole time there were acts of unfaithfulness against God. The Scripture even says in Acts 7 that the Israelites had idol gods with them during their wilderness time.

God wanted to purify their hearts, so He could be their God and they His people. But the people constantly suggested that God's intentions towards them were basically evil, and that he brought them out into the wilderness to kill them.

They said this so often that in the end, after repeatedly testing the Lord and doubting His Word, God decreed that they WOULD die in the wilderness. Only their children who were under 20 at the time would make it into the Promised Land. The exceptions to this were Joshua and Caleb, who were obedient to God. The whole company of Israel could have entered the Promised Land 2 years after leaving Egypt, or maybe sooner, had they believed God's promise and not the evil report of the 10 spies who did not believe that God would give them victory against the giants in the land.

Do not murmur and complain as that only makes things worse in the long run.
The Israelites frequently complained against Moses and against God. At times they spoke of going back to Egypt. They remembered the food they enjoyed there, and seemed to have forgotten what it was like to be slaves under cruel taskmasters. They just wanted to go back to Egypt. Egypt in the Bible is a type or symbol of Satan's world system.

 Their attitude was similar to the attitude of those Christians who, after a difficult time in the wilderness, become angry at God and his promises and want to return to the world and its pleasures.  Just like the Israelites who wanted to go back to Egypt and missed the onions, leeks and veggies they had in Egypt.
There clothes never wore out, and their sandals had not worn out on their feet.  Even after the great trials they went through the Lord took them through every one and showed His mighty works.

Our Lord Jesus Christ also went through a wilderness experience, and He showed us how to pass through it successfully. After his baptism, and His anointing with the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures say He was "led by the Spirit into the wilderness, being tempted for forty days by the devil. And in those days He ate nothing, and afterward, when they had ended, He was hungry" (Luke 4:1,2).

There was nothing in that wilderness naturally speaking to comfort the Lord. Jesus Himself had to pass through the wilderness experience before He could be used by God to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to anyone. In verse 14, just after this time in the wilderness, it says, "Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit to begin His early ministry."

Jesus is our model in these things. If we want the power of the Holy Spirit, not just the fullness, we have to pass the tests in the wilderness.
Jesus did it by speaking the Word of God and ignoring the cravings of his body for food for a period of time. The same methods will work for any one of us. Christ now lives in us to make this a possibility for us. The Lord is the strength of our life! (Isaiah 12:2; Psalm 27:1)
Paul was in the desert in the wilderness as He got revelation from the Lord.  John the Baptist was being prepared for years in the wilderness.
Elijah, David, Joseph many others went through a wilderness experience, when it seemed that  they were all alone and had to trust the Lord for their sustenance and to bring them out to begin their ministry, or their calling.

What the Lord is seeking is absolute dependence on him and we will come out of the wilderness leaning on our beloved, (Solomon 8:5); when we have sought Him and trusted only in Him.

This is a time to seek Him to come to know Him and to have your faith come out of the fire as pure gold. 
It is a time to hear from God, it is a time to receive his revelation, His teaching so that you can go forth out of the experience to begin to reach souls for Christ, just as Christ was being prepared for ministry you will be also.
It will be a time of soul  searching, a time when He shows you attitudes that block His fullness. It is time to die to oneself so that He can use you mightily.
It is a  painful experience and a time of truth when we can see ourselves in the mirror of life. 
When you come out you will be ready to manifest as a true son or daughter of God.

How long will it take? Only God knows, it took the children of Israel 40 years it took Jesus Christ 40 days, it all depends on you and how quickly you learn the lessons He will give you.

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